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What photography equipment can Pip use to take creative photographs of herself whilst sailing?

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Selfie shots can become repetitive and don't always convey the power and majesty of sailing on a vast ocean. How can Pip take more creative pictures using her waterproof GoPro’s and adapting equipment - is there a way she can safely get a camera airborne or take a shot at water level, without losing her camera or putting herself at risk?

Any solutions need to take into account that the boat can travel around 30mph and as a result the force of waves and water against equipment can be huge.




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Amazing drone like video/photos from a pocket sized camera.

To get aerial views, the Insta360 One X is a great camera for drone like footage without a drone (Drones + Ocean don't mix well). It automatically erases the selfie stick in the shot. No need to babysit the camera once its mounted, the dual lens provides full 360 shots, the stabilization for video is amazing, and the new one is waterproof up to 10 meters.  

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End of the southern lights

Will be just outside the ideal timeframe (Nov), and may be hard to capture on a moving platform but any content involving the southern lights will be a crowd pleaser. They are very difficult to see from land, and not many people would have been able to see.  AI tech for night mode photography is getting better at adjusting for movement and perhaps it will be bright enough to not require a super long shutter!

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Gybe Process

If you can attach your GoPro to a backstay or stern pulpit, I’d love to see your process for executing a gybe from beginning to end. Also, leeward rail footage & stills at dawn and dusk and all kinds of weather are always nice. Cheers!

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