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Reimagine Pip’s chair!

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Pip has had a carbon bucket seat built for the boat which is a big improvement from sitting on the boat floor.

She will be spending a huge amount of time using it over three months in the Vendee Globe: navigating, sleeping, eating, cooking, making repairs, reading, and writing in this chair as well as being a safe place for when waters are rough. So it needs to be as comfortable, functional and practical as possible.

We’re looking for your suggestions on ways the chair can be used and adapted? The key design parameters are that the chair has to be lightweight and robust, and it should not easily trip Pip up, hurt her if fallen onto it, or break off.



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clothing as chair

Tensile structure chair - straps running through the clothing 0- eyes at some points allow adjustable straps allow use of the clothing to suspend you hammock like in a lightweight frame (such as the carbon bucket) designed to be anchored (but flex as needed)  in appropriate locations to "flat" anchoring-holes. Velcro "buckles" for quick fine adjustment. Multiple straps allowing wide range of positions.  A frame could be designed to hang form the mast and anchor to the deck yet provide...

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Light weight, won't get in the way, they add some colour some humour some inspiration A simple little thing to make the space feel like home!

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